the challenge

How do you empower mom to build a brighter future for her child? You deliver trusted nutrition that supports a baby’s healthy cognitive development, with a blend of warmth and expertise.

the story

A strong brain builds the path that unleashes a child’s learning potential. Enfa delivers excellent brain nutrition to promote develop- mental milestones. Our new look for Enfa matches its industry leadership.

the design

We cultivated a consistent global visual identity for Enfa. The soft hexagon pattern shows Mead Johnson Nutrition’s 100+ years of innovation in science-based pediatric nutrition. A friendly owl mascot adds a warm ‘hoo.’

the details

The “One Enfa” look launched throughout the US, Mexico, China and Thailand. We created Visual Identity Guidelines that helped build brand equity so the formula remains consistent across all touchpoints.

the result

Our redesigned packaging, ownable Neuro Complete™ and Neuro Support™ icons give moms across the world confidence they are choosing the very best for the development of their child.