the challenge

How do you unite a fragmented portfolio while retaining a brand’s beloved family-owned authenticity? You celebrate its heritage, leading consumers on a path built through 3 generations.

the story

In a cereal aisle filled with flakes, loops, squares, and puffs, it can be hard to find your way. Nature’s Path wanted to welcome consumers looking for organic, non-GMO options into their family.

the design

We created a design inspired by the brand’s independent heritage and wholesome appeal. The new line showcases all the delicous flavors and product varieties in the Nature’s Path family.

i <3 crunch

Inspired by a special batch of granola made for a family wedding, we designed a heartfelt package for Love Crunch. We’re spreading the love, one spoonful at a time.

rise & shine

The path to a great day starts with breakfast. We created a kid-friendly look for Envirokidz starring animals rising to tackle the day ahead. Fill up their bowl and head on a flavor-filled safari.