the challenge

How do you dimensionalize and elevate a new line of tea bags to express its pure ingredients and unique cultural origins? You invite consumers on a sensorial journey from farm to tea cup.

the story

Tea bags pale in comparison to the rich, ritualistic experience of brewing loose-leaf tea. That is, until Rishi created an innovative knit tea bag that allows for a fuller flavor, deeper aroma, and a richer body.

the design

We created a pack that leads tea lovers on a cultural taste expedition, showcasing Rishi’s exquisite organic tea bags embodying the fine, authentic flavor of the cultural origin from which it is harvested.

the details

Vibrant colors and unique patterns cue the distinct tea flavors, creating an understatedly strong brand block at shelf. A freshly brewed tea pot nods to the quality and ritual one would expect from loose leaf teas.

the design

Our unique packaging system spans 17 countries which includes 9 teas, and the product was the winner of a 2014 Sofi Award for Outstanding Product Line