the challenge

How do you keep shoppers inspired
from the fridge to
the table?
You celebrate bold flavors, real ingredients and exciting
opportunities to bring
something fresh and fun
to every meal.

the story

WC&Co partnered with Litehouse to modernize their core line of refrigerated salad dressings. The goal was to inspire shoppers to move out of the center aisle to the perimeter of the store by providing healthier options.

the design

The updated design refreshed the Litehouse brand image to increase awareness and achieve grocery status. The new packaging system appeals to a variety of consumers, showcasing the brand's point-of-difference: fresh, healthy ingredients with great taste and quality.

the details

Rich colors and vibrant, top-down photography celebrate real ingredients and bold flavors. Largely transparent packaging lets the product speak for itself, while on-pack communication encourages versatile usage opportunities and showcases health claims.

pour it on

Collaborating with the Litehouse team, we completed the brand's first major redesign in over a decade. Since launching, the refresh has accelerated sales and has taken home awards from
Graphis and Good Design USA.