the challenge

How do you unfreeze the frozen section? You heat up Stouffer’s homespun heritage while paving the way for taste trends, reflecting the brand’s passion for serving up real dinners made just the way
you’d make them.

the story

We created an authentic brand positioning—fresh comfort—that elevated frozen to homemade. Our design system communicates a commitment to quality. Ingredients are flash frozen to keep in the goodness.

the design

The new look emphasizes freshly prepared dishes in a warm, welcoming environment inspired by your home. Stouffer’s recipes are handmade in a real kitchen by people with a passion for cooking. Casually styled vibrant ingredients showcase loving preparation.

the details

A cohesive yet flexible brand
architecture enables the Stouffer's brand to extend to new offerings seamlessly. Unique typography and visual cues bridge varieties from chicken enchiladas to breakfast morning classics.

get fit

We designed Fit Kitchen, a new line of satisfying, high-protein meals. Hearty portions served up with a bold design extends the brand to reach a new consumer segment, while still fitting within the Stouffer’s architecture.